• Concrete Sidewalks

    If your house is the face of your property, your concrete sidewalks are the expression it wears. Cracks are a scowl, clean lines a warm grin, sweeping curves through the garden the twinkle of welcome and the grin of promised blessings. Of course, maybe you have to be concrete people to think this way, we know. But if you're looking to say something about yourself and about the way you see your guests, your concrete sidewalk treatments aren't a bad place to start. Concrete sidewalks take a beating from weather, landscaping, and chemicals. Sadly, few concrete sidewalks are prepped and poured to endure like they could. The good news is they're relatively inexpensive to repair, replace, or dress up in new and creative ways. Add a smile to your property, and to all who arrive at your home, will the right concrete sidewalks. It all starts with a free quote.

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    Are you dreaming of a creative concrete walkway? Have an old one you want to protect or refresh? Choose Concrete Specialists of Evansville to meet your needs. Start with your FREE QUOTE today.

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  • Concrete sidewalk maintenance is all about prevention

    Concrete sidewalks are only as durable as the protection you give them. Keep the water out and away from under the concrete, and you'll protect your sidewalk's surface, stay in front of gaps and cracking, and prevent crumbling. Concrete Specialists of Evansville can help. We'll inspect your concrete sidewalks help you weigh your options. The news is usually better than our customers expect, and there are many creative ways to address trouble spots without a complete overhaul. But when you need to start over from scratch, our single quote will cover everything from tear-out to doing better than just replacing what's there. Our decorative and landscape-friendly options help you turn a "have to" repair job into an upgrade you'll love.

    Drainage is key for the life of concrete sidewalks

    Weather, watering, and landscaping: the three big enemies for concrete sidewalks. The sidewalk pad isn't that wide, and when the soil beneath it moves or erodes with water or digging, that heavy slab of concrete is going to move. And when concrete sidewalks move, they heave, pitch, crack, and crumble. Concrete Specialists of Evansville will help you get ahead of those challenges so your concrete sidewalk rests on solid ground and lasts for years longer than typical solutions. Call us today and we'll work with you on a plan you'll love.

    Is concrete the best option for walkways?

    Concrete is the best option for walkways. It's stronger than other options, which means the solution you start out with will last longer than other options. Projects are faster to complete, often only taking a single day. Concrete is durable, lasting 35 years or more when you do it right and maintain it reasonably well. It's safer, as in no-slip. It's environmentally friendly, locally produced, and comes with a very low carbon footprint. It's also far easier to care for than any other walkway material. And finally, nothing else comes close to concrete in terms of decorative and design options – you can pick the color, shape, and texture to mimic other materials without giving up any of concrete's advantages.

    Why Concrete Specialists of Evansville?

    We have the experience and creativity to help you design the concrete sidewalk or walkway your property deserves, and we have the processes and communication skills to make sure you're happy and get exactly what you're after throughout the process. Our highly trained team of concrete specialists uses only commercial grade concrete so you don't have to ever worry about quality. We're up to date on all of the local zoning laws and regulations here in Evansville (and surrounding areas), so compliance will never be an issue. We've been around long enough to have our processes and purchasing dialed in, which means we can pass both options and savings to you. Our quotes are always free and prompt, so call today to get started with Concrete Specialists of Evansville.