• Concrete Patios

    Comfortable, low maintenance, endlessly customizable, and flexible if you want to add or change later, concrete patios are by far the best option for outdoor entertaining spaces, especially in the variable weather of locations like Evansville, Indiana. Have you had enough of loose nails, sagging boards, splinters, and rotting wood decking? Have the pavers you installed yourself years ago sprouted crops in the cracks as the pavers have heaved into an uneven layer of disappointed hopes? Is your existing patio fine, but too small and ready for some new love? Concrete Specialists of Evansville can help. You'll be thrilled with the variety of options available to you, the speed and costs of the process, and the warm durable results you'll get from your concrete patio. It all starts with a free quote.

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    Are you dreaming of a concrete patio you can enjoy with friends and family for years? Looking to refresh the one you have? Choose Concrete Specialists of Evansville to meet your needs. Start with your FREE QUOTE today.

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  • Water damage, repairs, and preventative measures

    A proper seal and crack prevention are keys to preserving the life of your concrete driveway. When water gets through the concrete surface, erosion leads to more cracks, gaps under the concrete, and crumbling that can quickly get out of control. Concrete Specialists of Evansville can address the problems before it's too late. Let us inspect your concrete driveway to evaluate your options. And if it is already time to replace your concrete driveway, our single quote will cover everything from tear out to preparation to pouring a superior driveway from scratch. We offer a variety of options, including stamped and stained concrete driveways, to take the sting out of replacing your worn and crumbling driveway, making your house more beautiful than ever.

    Appropriate concrete driveway substrate

    In climates with significant temperature variations and precipitation of more than 30 inches, what you put under your concrete driveway is nearly as critical as what you put into and onto the concrete. The unfortunate reality is not every concrete contractor prepares the ideal substrate for Evansville's weather, and they can get away with it because the driveway looks fine for a while and is very difficult to inspect once the concrete has been poured. When the concrete goes directly onto dirt, or onto too little gravel, or onto a gravel base that hasn't been properly prepared, the concrete will fail because the ground beneath the concrete will shift, allow water in, will allow water to pool under the concrete, and fail to support the concrete driveway itself. Concrete Specialists of Evansville will show you our exact plan, explain every step of our process, and demonstrate everything we do as we answer your questions and leave you with a concrete driveway you can count on.

    Proper pour depth

    Concrete pour depth is the same as concrete thickness. A thicker concrete driveway is a stronger driveway, all else being equal. Other factors, like slope, drainage, substrate preparation, traffic patterns, support, expansion planning, seal coats, and price all need to be considered to determine the ideal solution for your driveway. At Concrete Specialists of Evansville, we're committed to finding the best solution for you, working within the goals and limits you have for your driveway. When you're looking at your options with other contractors, or speaking with our representatives, ask about pour depth and pay attention to the answer you get. If you get a simple answer or if you hear a focus on what's "required" rather than what's best for your situation, you're either not getting a full answer or you're hearing from someone who's not focused on a solution that gives you the maximum value for your concrete driveway. If you hear a lazy answer from another concrete contractor, call us next. If you get a lazy answer from one of our people, dig for more. And if you don't get a more complete answer the second time, make sure you get their name and let us know (we'll make sure you get the answer you deserve from someone else).

    Concrete curing, sealing, and expansion planning

    Concrete curing relates to moisture levels throughout the slab. When the concrete has too little moisture and cures improperly, it will develop plastic shrinkage cracks, thermal cracks, and will be significantly weaker, especially on the surface layer. This is why you'll often see concrete contractors place wet fabric on fresh pours to slow or even out the drying and curing process. Different concrete recipes produce different results, as do different pour depths. There are also curing additives that, while sometimes costly, make concrete driveways unbelievably stronger and more resistant to weather, chemical, and mechanical pressures. Concrete sealants can produce good effects as well, though the depth of their impact is very limited and the protection provided by sealants wears out over time and in where traffic or weather is harshest. Finally, expansion planning is critical for your concrete driveway as temperature and precipitation will cause your driveway to expand and contract. This expansion must be planned for and managed, or the concrete driveway will crack or heave. Concrete Specialists of Evansville treats every concrete driveway, and every homeowner, individually, and we'll guide you to the best solution for your needs.